Canice Consulting

Canice Consulting is a small yet established private company based in Northern Ireland which operates in the fields of local and regional development, enterprise education and management and technical support to EU networks and programmes.

Canice Consulting provides a broad range of modern learning services to predominantly the EU market place. Services include Training Solutions, eLearning content creation, learning technologies and learning strategy design and consulting. Learning Technologies include Learning Portals, Learning Management Systems, Content Development Systems, Performance Support tools, Virtual Classroom tools and more. The Company’s expertise and particular that of Canice Hamill lies in all aspects of this service set from solutions architecture, design, change management, implementation and on-going development and support.

The company regularly undertakes assignments involving project management, SME coaching and development, and training programme design, and has developed a particular specialism in digital learning platforms. This involves not only developing, coding and programming all types of websites, but expertise in use of wordpress (favoured by most clients) and wordpress based learner-management systems allowing interactive, learner-led educational content. Canice Consulting also scripts, records and edits and embeds the video and audio files necessary for multimedia learning experiences. In terms of project management, the company has experience managing projects using a variety of cloud based project management applications (Basecamp, Zoho, Salesforce etc.)

The company works closely with many VET, local government and private clients to deliver innovative learning and project management solutions under the Lifelong Learning Programme, and has recently delivered cross border assignments under Interreg IVC and EU LEADER+ programmes.
United Kingdom

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