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Projects in Motion Ltd (PiM) is a Malta-based SME focusing on promoting environmental sustainability, renewable energy sources, and energy efficiency processes and products. PiM implements environmental sustainability and energy projects and conducts research for European and local government bodies, major companies and SMEs. Our aim is to promote renewable energy, energy efficiency and the intelligent use or reduction of energy requirements in Europe and the Mediterranean region through partnerships, awareness-raising, innovation and strategic action. Moreover we strive to participate or manage collaborative projects with distributed resources, which cover innovative issues related to energy and the environment, via transnational cooperation or directed towards capacity building for R&D and policy.

Our objectives in the sustainability sector are to:

provide technical, organizational and policy-related information on environmental sustainability and energy efficiency, products and technologies to governmental and non-governmental bodies, market players and the local population;
increase the knowledge of the need for sustainable development;
develop awareness for an intelligent use of energy;
reduce waste and energy requirements through local initiatives;
provide advice and analytical results on sustainability issues;
maximize the benefits arising from EU Community initiatives and Programmes for local authorities, development agencies, community groups, manufacturing and service industries, and all other relevant players in the Region.

Contact person: Brian Restall
Website: www.pim.com.mt
E-mail: infoatpim.com.mt
Tel: +356 21420852

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