Multiplier Event in the Netherlands

The first multiplier event for the CORRIE project was organised on the 23rd of August 2016. It was an informal brainstorm session with several organisations to set up and involve a network of regional stakeholders. During the event the CORRIE project was presented and the Intellectual Outputs were explained. Discussion was raised on how to design and develop the Intellectual Outputs, especially the one which Business Development Friesland is responsible for: Intellectual Output 1 ‘CORRIE campaign - Awareness raising for responsible tourism’.

Main feedback received during the event was to keep information included in the Intellectual Outputs practical, not too theoretical. The video of Intellectual Output 1 should not be too long (few minutes) and should include attractive components (for example animation techniques) to make sure people feel addressed and remember the video. The video and PowerPoint also have to stress the benefi ts of responsible tourism.

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