Multiplier Event in Northern Ireland

The first multiplier event for the CORRIE project was organised on the 20th of August 2016. It was an informal networking and information session with several organisations to set up and involve a network of regional stakeholders. During the event the CORRIE project was presented and the Intellectual Outputs were explained. Discussions were held on the most relevant design and content for the Intellectual Outputs.

A number of interesting feedbacks were received:

1. The use of “Manuals” was discussed and questioned by some attendees as it was felt that “Manuals” are considered somewhat old fashioned. Nowadays with online and mobile learning and so much emphasis for tourism providers to go mobile – it was felt that manuals could appear old fashioned.

2. Feedback also highlighted that it was important to keep all materials “bite sized”, UK tourism SMEs and organizations do not have the time to undertake long “boring” academic style courses, they need short relevant sessions which are practical and not theoretical.

3. Use of multimedia such as videos, podcasts, even prezzi style animations work well.

4. The real and financial and business benefi ts of responsible tourism should be the main message.

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