Eurocrea Merchant

Eurocrea Merchant is a consulting and training company based in Italy, with two offices located in Milan and Naples. Our main aim is to improve the competitiveness of the Italian society, through business development, training and creation of transnational partnerships. Our core business is focused on three main lines of expertise:

1. Consulting and Advisory
With a team of qualified experts (chartered accountants, auditors, PCM experts) we offer highly specialised services to support SMEs development: business plans development, feasibility studies, design of internal management control systems, financial and budget analysis, tax planning, soft financing, grant awards and financial reporting.

2. Education and Training
We conduct researches and studies on the most innovative training methods and tools, also dealing with training materials and contents production on different areas of business development, HR, organisational management and internationalisation. Moreover, we provide training courses for young and adult people on different subjects relevant to our areas of expertise. Our experience is mainly focused on vocational education and training and curriculum development, with a view to anticipate the skill needs of the labour market. In recent years, we developed further our ability in the recognition, validation and transfer of learning outcomes, using transparency tools such as ECVET and EQF.

3. European projects
The European projects team is constantly focused on searching the best funding opportunities offered by the European Union to develop innovative projects in the fields of vocational training, adult education, SMEs development and promotion of sustainable development strategies. Thanks to a consolidated experience on project management, we offer consulting services to public and private bodies for what concerns accessing, managing and reporting EU funds.

Over the years, we have been steadily consolidating our multidisciplinary approach and our wide European partners network, that includes public organizations, universities, research and training centres, chambers of commerce, regional development agencies, management consulting firms, with whom we interact every day to share and import know-how. Our past projects have been focused on tourism related issue and in particular:

ECVET implementation in tourism qualification especially those related to intelligent use of energy efficiency measures;
Sustainable development of rural areas through the improvement of tourism business;
Marketing strategies for a sustainable development of tourism;
Foster competences in VET related to tourism.

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