Business Development Friesland (BDF)

Business Development Friesland (BDF), a non-profit organisation founded in 2002 in Leeuwarden, is an international project management agency focused on supporting SMEs and schools in the field of entrepreneurship and internationalisation as well as supporting start-up companies. Its activities can be divided into three main areas:

EU projects

BDF cherishes start-up companies. Since our establishment in 2002, we actively supported over 200 start-up companies during their first steps. BDF has set up its own incubator in the city of Leeuwarden. We are involved in the most important start-up programs and have carefully set up our network in the region, to become what we are now: a specialist on business (education) support in the Province of Friesland.

BDF has led several innovative EU projects and is very experienced in bringing these projects to a good end and to make sure the results are still being used once the project has finished. Amongst others, BDF set up and coordinated the Ent-teach project ( on entrepreneurship education and was management coordinator and content development partner in the project C-test ( on Clean Tech solutions for employees of SMEs and students of VET colleges.

Besides a strong regional network in the quadriple helix, BDF has a large European network. In 2015, BDF became official member of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN). Another example of internationalisation is the foundation of the Fryslân House Amsterdam, Riga and New York. This Fryslân House is shared office accommodation in Amsterdam, Riga and New York for Frisian companies. The Fryslân House concept offers them a permanent platform to market their products and services and better serve their clients. Furthermore, BDF is a full member of the EBN network with 250 incubators in Europe, and therefore an accredited BIC, a Business innovation Center, as recognized by the EC-label. BDF is the only one in the Netherlands.

Contact details:
Business Development Friesland
Turfmarkt 11
8911 KS Leeuwarden
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0) 58 845 80 45

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