Bulgarian Association for Alternative Tourism (BAAT)

The mission of Bulgarian Association for Alternative Tourism (BAAT) is to make possible the sustainable development of the tourist sector and thus to make Bulgaria a leading destination for special interest tourism and adventures, while supporting the conservation of the rich natural and cultural heritage and improving the local people’s lives. Our main activity areas are:

1. Events
Green Days Open-air Festival in Sofia (September 2016) is the largest and most significant festival of responsible tourism, nature and healthy living in Bulgaria. The festival activities include bio market, exhibition place, seminar and work meetings, workshops and demonstrations, photo exhibition and destination presentations, outdoor activities and demonstrations like biking and climbing contests, fun zone and performances.

International conferences – every year the team of BAAT organizes or takes part as lector in conferences and seminars for tourism and protection of the environment. Our partners are Ministry of tourism in Bulgaria, Ministry of environment and water, Ministry of agriculture and food, French embassy, Sofia University, University of forestry, NGOs for nature protection or tourism and many more.

2. Quality mark
The Green Lodge is our network of guesthouses and small hotels that correspond to the European standards for sustainable tourism and Eurogites quality standards.

3. Publishing
Another initiative to promote rural areas and responsible businesses in Bulgaria is our printed B&B and Adventure Guidebook from 2012 as well as other printed books and maps within our network. In 2016 we plan to develop new modern forms of communication within our network, but also with our target markets.

4. Projects
BAAT supports sustainable and responsible development under different projects for regional development in Bulgaria. All projects are in partnership with many European NGOs and institutions. The projects are related to the sustainable development and promotion of sustainable and responsible tourism mainly in rural and mountain areas.

5. Lobby
The Association is also in tune with all legal regulations and laws concerning the development of eco, nature, adventure, rural and heritage tourism in Bulgaria – we are the reliable partner and play a key role in stating official positions on tourism issues, as well as providing advisory and professional expertise.

Contact details:
Bulgarian Association for Alternative Tourism (BAAT)
20 V, Aleksandar Stamboliiski blvd.
1000 Sofia

Website: www.baatbg.org
E-mail: baatbgatgmail.com


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